Sizing Guide

How-to Guide for Finding your Measurements:

*For most accurate results, have someone else help with the measurements.*

Tops Measurements

Bust - keep the tape around your back at the band level, measuring around to the fullest part of your bust. If in between inches, round up.

Waist - start measuring from the narrowest part of your waist, found above your belly button, but below your rib cage.

Hips - start with your hips together, measuring the fullest part of your hips. Make sure to include the buttocks area as well.


Bottoms Measurements

Waist - this is the soft area directly above your hipbone, but below your rib cage. Start measuring from your belly button, bringing it the whole way around your body.

Hips - measure the circumference of your hips. Starting at one hip, measure over the longest part of your buttocks, all the way around to where you started.

Inside Leg - start measuring your inner leg, from the crotch area, to where you would like the bottoms to fit around the ankle.


Please refer to the product page for size chart